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Dear Singer,


It has long been our desire to develop lasting relationships with individuals through a connection to music. Des Moines is thriving with the musical arts, yet we feel the need to bridge a gap within our community to the art of a cappella singing through an ensemble dedicated to vocal and choral excellence connecting all genres of music.


After much research, we have determined that you are a passionate, fast-learning, competent singer, and that you also yearn for challenging musical opportunities with a network of dependable, like minded peers. Simply put, you are a cool dude, and your sterling reputation warrants you an invite to join us, Vox Infinitus, for our next musical performance. Our next performance will be Friday November 16, 2018 at West Des Moines Christian Church (WDMCC). It will consist of recital music presented by our founder and director, Nathan Green, along with music presented by VOX INFINITUS.




This next performance schedule will consist of weekly rehearsals, on Mondays,  beginning Sept 10 from 7:30PM to 9:00PM at First United Methodist Church, Ankeny, IA. 

First Rehearsal - 9/10/18

7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, Ankeny, IA 

Concert - Friday 11/16/2018

7:15 p.m. at WDMCC



Our music will include elements of contemporary a cappella, choral, and barbershop styles. We will strive to be limitless in our musical artistry spanning many more styles for our audiences.  For this performance the music will be consisting of, but not limited to:


So Much in Love - arr Alley Cats

For the Longest Time - arr Tom Gentry

Scarbrough Fair - arr Stan Engebrtson

Come Sing To Me of Heaven - arr Aaron McDermid

Benediction - E Fred Morris Adapted by Nathan Green 


Come Fly With Me - arr Kevin Keller

Prayer of the Children - arr Andrea S Klouse

And So It Goes - arr Kirby Shaw

Rhythm of Love - arr Deke Sharon/David Wright

Should you choose to accept, you will receive a link to a predetermined voice part for all learning material. For all rehearsals, it will be expected that you have learned and memorized your part on all given pieces, in accordance with a schedule that will be published in the acceptance letter, and come prepared prior to arriving. This will be the continuing and binding ethic of this group. Our time together is valuable so rehearsals will be used as a time to shape the artistry of the music.


We hope that you are excited to begin this adventure with us, as we use our voices together, to open eyes and to change lives, including your own. Until rehearsal, we wish you well and are looking forward to making music together.